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Land & Housing Corporation NSW

Facilities Maintenance

247 Woodville Road Villawood was a 3 story walk up that had been severely damaged by fire destroying the roof structure and the top 4 units.

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Project Details

Land & Housing Corporation NSW
22 weeks
$50k - $500k
Villawood, Sydney

Pre site meeting to assess the extent of works

The 3 story walk up top floor to the Northern side roof structure and 4 top floor 2 and 3 bedroom units has been destroyed by a severe as severe fire.

This required complete demolition of the remainder of the roof and 4 top units  

Demolition of roof structure

Demolition of badly fire damaged roof structure and lower to ground 

Carefully stack damaged roof sheeting and crane to the ground 

Rebuild of old roof structure to match Southern End

Scaffold the entire Northern end up to 3 stories

New trussed roof installed

New colourbond roof installed to match existing  with facia and guttering to match 

Refurbish 4 Top Floor Units

Not limited to:

  • Washdown smoke damaged walls
  • Complete electrical rewire
  • Partial renew of plumbing and pressure test existing
  • Complete new aluminium windows
  • Full 3 coat internal paint
  • Full re- carpet and vinyl
  • New kitchen and bathrooms

Common area:

  • Full new electrical mains rewire to supply all 12 units
  • Soda blast smoke damaged brickwork
  • New stair windows and doors
  • New vinyl to common areas including stairs
  • New fire upgrade to protect and compartments the top floor units