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Housing Tasmania

Facilities Maintenance / Capital Works

Wivenhoe consists of 30 x 1 bedroom units which are used predominantly for crisis accommodation, in 2009 all units had internal upgrades which had continual issues around leaks in the roof. RTC Group were appointed to complete the works of a full roof redesign.

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Project Details

Housing Tasmania
16 weeks
$500k - $1m
14-16 Main Road, Wivenhoe, Northwest Tasmania

14-16 Main rd. Wivenhoe consists of 30 x 1-bedroom units which are used for crisis accommodation. In 2009 all units had internal upgrades. Continual issues around leaks in roof and various penetrations led to engaging local engineers to do a full redesign of the roof at the complex, the existing roof was originally designed in the 1970 and the roof fall was from the outer perimeter to and internal box gutter. The redesign was more traditional with the falls going to the outer perimeter.

The new design was signed off by Housing Tasmania and RTC undertook the works to be completed to a tight schedule and on budget.

RTC had to carefully manage the works in 6 stages as the complex was fully occupied while the work was carried out, with the delicate nature of tenants the complex still had to be operational and OH&S was paramount. 

On completion of the new roof, 15 Solar hot water systems got installed, 1 unit would service 2 units this was discussed between Housing Tasmania and RTC as a better cost-effective method of servicing the 1 Bedroom units.

The project has been a great success with NIL issues since the new redesigned rood has been installed.