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Civil Works / Transport

RTC undertook the extensive demolition and civil works for this site in Honeysuckle, Newcastle. This former carpark is being transformed into a $58m commercial and residential precinct.

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Project Details

14 months
$1m - $5m
Newcastle, NSW

Starting in April 2018 and concluding in June 2019, RTC undertook the demolition and civil works at the 21 Honeysuckle Drive foreshore site. The site which was formally a car park and being transformed into a $58m commercial and residential precinct. Prior to being a car park, the site was a working loading dock for ships.

The project involved the team:

  • Constantly monitoring air and soil samples
  • Bulk excavation on entire site to 4m in depth
  • Filled 1200mm for provision of piling pad
  • Following piling pad construction, a further 600mm was removed detailed excavation

Site Excavation

During the entire project, approximately the following was removed from the site

  • 5,000 Tonne of Concrete and Asphalt
  • 24,000 Tonne of General Solid Waste
  • 25,000 Tonne of FCR (Fine Crushed Rock)
  • 24,000 Tonne of Natural Material

This is a signature project for Honeysuckle and for RTC to have been a part of. We look forward to seeing the development over the coming 12 months.