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The RTC Group Journey

RTC Group
The RTC Group Journey

From early days to current times...

RTC Building Services was established in 1992 and by the end of 1995 it was Incorporated. 

The RTC brand was built on a can-do attitude, getting things done with a focus on striving for excellence regarding every task at hand, thinking outside the box and going that extra mile for the client in service and delivery.  Richard also worked alongside his teams and quickly built a reputation for quality and a professional service while delivering on the difficult and specialised scopes of work that comes with breaking new ground.

Richard shared his knowledge, opportunities and support where-ever and with who-ever he could and often says that “having started with nothing but hope, I was motivated more by the prospect of success than by the fear of failure!”

Setting the Standard involves a long journey of excellence comprising small individual steps forward each firmly planted in unchartered territory, it started with a vision to make a positive impact in people’s lives, our customers, staff, contract partners, including all our families.

Our Vision and positive impact has grown throughout the communities we service from sponsorships right through to establishing our not for profit ‘The Concept’ and now our Foundation #1 for underprivileged youth!